1:Do you cut lady's hair?

Yes we do, but only if it's in the mould that we are used to eg, a barber style haircut. For all other ladies hairdressing we recommend our sister hair salon in Milton, www.archierogers.com  

5: What does Katana mean?

Back in 1999 when setting up the business we wanted a name that was different, short, and to the point. We could have been obvious and named ourselves Milton barbers, but that's too boring. Katana has a few different meanings, we anitialy took the name from the Japanese sword, plus it also means "to cut" in Hindi.    

4: How much experience do you have?

Neil & Lee Rogers who have co run Katana for 20 years,have seen many trends come and go, and feel like we have covered all styles in the industry. We will only ever give you the haircut that you wish for, we wont give you or your boy a hipster/latest footballer haircut if you have not asked for one. 

​Frequently asked questions 

2:How long will I have to wait? 

If you are local just give us a ring & we can tell you how many are waiting, most cuts should take around on average 10 to 15 mins to complete. Also never assume we are busy, even when driving by the shop, sometimes not everyone in the salon is waiting for a haircut.

3: Do you cut children & baby's hair?

Yes we do, at any age as well. First haircut is key for all future haircuts. Depending on the age, we always try to persuade our youngest of clients to sit on there own for there first haircut. This can pay dividends with regards to there behaviour & confidence for the next & future haircuts.